How to access and use DreamBox at home

Want to use Dreambox on a computer?

1.  Use this Clever Link

NOTE:  This link will take you to the Clever Login page, not the Dreambox login page and that's okay!

3. Students log on just as they would at school with their school user name and password


Want to use Dreambox on an Ipad or Iphone?

* At this time, Clever is only available on iOS (iPads and iPhones).

1.  Install the following FREE apps. *Click on the name to go to the App store page for each app.



       dreambox math app icon


clever logo


2.  Set up Dreambox on your iPad or iPhone. 

Tap the Clever app to login to Dreambox.  Do NOT choose a Dreambox app.

Clever login on iPad screen
Choose "Don't Allow" option.  FCPS does not use the camera/badge login option. Choose don't allow option
Ignore "Hold badge up to camera".   Instead, click on the bottom sentence "Log in with your username and password." Hold you badge to camera option - ignore

Type "greatfalls" in the School Name box.  

Tap on "Great Falls Elementary School".

School name box

Tap "Login with LDAP". Login with LADP button
Type your school username and password in the correct box.  Then press, "Login". Login screen
Choose Dreambox.   (If you are in Grades K - 5, you may also use Wixie.) Choose Dreambox screen

Tap the green or blue Dreambox icon to launch app.

  • Green is for grades K - 5
  • Blue is for grades 5 - 8.
dreambox green logo

Students my be asked to choose and avatar (character) as their game piece.  Set up is complete and you're ready to play!

*** Dreambox matches the skills and needs of the player. Please do not allow adults or siblings to play on a student's login. The game will not longer be set appropriately for the student. It may become too hard or too easy and change the learning experience.